Friday, January 20, 2006

Package Day!!

Myspace Mood: Excited

We have been excitedly waiting for about seven packages from various places ever since mid-December, faithfully checking the mailbox and finding only one or two so far. The stars finally aligned yesterday (or the postal workers got done being drunk from the Christmas/New Years parties) and we had a flood of boxes!! We were super excited! There were so many that I couldn't even carry them all back on the scooter. Several of them were Christmas packages, so our Christmas this year has been like three weeks long, haha!

So, without further a due, here is the role call for yesterday's packages:
  • Ryan & Katie and John & Kelly sent us pictures and a huge box of snacks and candy – yum!
  • Grama Atkins got three packages in, one of them sent on Oct 28! We're making rice crispy treats – yeah!
There were two more boxes that I couldn't carry, so we'll have more Christmas today!

Photo Marketing sent us a huge one and Grandma Huggins' Christmas package also arrived. What will be in them?? The mystery will be solved this afternoon!

Update: We got Grandma Huggins' and PMA's packages today and they both had great stuff in them as well! We are excited about all of the tasty food we have to munch on! Many thanks to everyone! We will be eating like royalty...