Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Blog Home

As a quick logistical note, I just switched my blog from myspace to here at blogspot. The posts older than this one in the blog might not be formatted quite right because they were written for myspace's layout.

I am really happy to be done with myspace - today, as I was trying to transfer my blog from myspace to blogger, I found another reason I don't like myspace - no ability to export the blog! So, as a final act of defiance so that I could completely leave myspace behind, I laboriously copied every single blog entry one at a time and pasted/reformatted them here. Good to know that blogspot supports import and export so if I ever need to switch again, it will be a simple process.

Also, for people who have been following our blog through emails, we have a new webiste that you might not have gotten the word about yet, jasonandemilyatkins.com! It's not finished yet, but looking pretty good so far if I do say so myself!

1 comment:

DJ LeighAnn said...

fine. leave myspace. i'll just stalk you guys on here.