Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mother Winter is bearing down...

Well, it snowed today! Not enough to pile up on the ground or anything, but enough for Michigan to issue an icy warning of things to come. I think I might start a "Save the Atkins" campaign... missionaries often show how their support raising is going by showing a thermometer representing the funds that have been pledged - but for us it will work the other way, we'll pray for our support to be raised so we can leave in time to keep the thermometer from killing us, haha... I can't believe my body can't take the winter anymore after only being gone two years! I'm holding on to sandals as long as I can though, it seems like you take the punishment early in the winter and then don't notice the cold the rest of the winter, or you bundle up to early in the season and are cold the whole winter - does anyone else notice that or is my body weird?

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